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P610 Programmable Core Cutter

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Parent Core Length Range

  • 6' to 30'.

Core Diameter Range

  • 3" I.D. to 24" I.D. (with proper tooling).

Wall Thickness

  • Up to 1".

Auto Indexing Knife

  • Rotates the knife 3/16" on the circumference automatically at operator preset number of cuts. Provides 40 knife positions for uniform cut quality and extended blade life.

Cut Length Range

  • Minimum cut determined by core integrity (typically equal to wall thickness).
  • Maximum up to parent core length minus trim.

Cut Length Tolerance

  • +/-0.020" - 0.030" each core.
  • +/-0.020" - 0.030" sum of each set.


  • 3 phase electrical power. 230/460V std., others optional.
  • 80 psi plant air.

Units of Measure

  • Specify English or Metric.

Cutting Pad and Chuck Jaw Set

  • One required for each core I.D.


  • Up to 30' in 1' increments.

RS232 Serial Interface

  • Communication with other computers to allow downloading of production requirements.

Additional Cut Set Storage

  • Equipment can be added to expand the number of cut sets that can be stored.

Special Paint

  • Colors or paint formulations to meet your specifications.

Electrical Components

  • Standard motor starters, control voltage transformers and power disconnects are included in the console. Customer specified components or locations are optional.
  • Other brand PLC/Servo controls available.

Automated Core Handling

Systems to load and unload your parent and cut cores. See our Appleton Automation™ page for more details.

Short Core Tray or Full Length Core Tray

Appleton Mfg. Division can design and deliver an automation package to suit any situation. See our Appleton Automation™ page for more details.

Core Printer

Prints cut core length along core axis.

  • Easy Setup – The touch-screen control makes this unit extremely easy to operate. Set-up is streamlined by use of intelligent, on-screen operating menus, operator prompts and displayed production data.
  • Automated Core Advancement – A servo driven rack and pinion drive advances the core with perfect speed and control as dictated by the controller.
  • Precise, Polished Cuts – The air-assisted, fixed knife of the P610 makes clean, burnished cuts to within +/-0.020 - 0.030 inch of the targeted length while generating virtually no dust or noise.
  • Rugged Construction – The P610 may be the most affordable, automated, programmable core cutter on the market, yet it maintains Appleton's high standards for robust construction and durability. Constructed entirely in the U.S.A., the P610 programmable core cutter is built to last a lifetime.
  • Installation and Training – Professional installation and training services are readily available from skilled technicians with years of core cutter experience.

Appleton - Superior Support since 1948

The P610 also comes with an outstanding promise of support. If you should need technical assistance, service or replacement parts, Appleton will be there for you. Appleton still provides parts and service for core cutters built over 60 years ago – you can be assured our tradition of superior support will bring long-term value to your Appleton core cutter investment.