Battery-powered & moves just about anything on casters or wheels

The image below is a partial representation of available hitches for the Appleton CartMover™. These options are suitable for most applications, however, we can fabricate a hitch to suit your needs and application. Contact Appleton Mfg. Division for more details.

collage of hitches for cart mover

From the factory floor to commercial laundries

This battery-powered material handler is perfect for increasing productivity and ensuring worker safety whenever heavy loads on wheels need to be moved

What can the CartMover™ help you move?

  • mobile carts with heavy castings or metal parts
  • supply carts and waste bins
  • carts used in shipping and receiving
  • laundry carts (multi-cart "trains")
  • just about anything on casters or wheels – moves loads weighing up to 20,000 lbs

1 out of every 5

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one out of five workplace illnesses or injuries are the result of back injuries. Reduce your exposure, physically and financially, to this type of risk by using the CartMover™. It was specifically designed to prevent injuries by moving large loads that might normally be manually pushed.

Test the CartMover™ risk free!

An on-site demo offers unique advantages
  • See firsthand how easy the CartMover™ is to operate, maneuver and control
  • Get input from users about how the CartMover™ helps them work faster and safer
  • Examine the CartMover's quality construction and perfect balance right before your eyes
  • Experience just how easy it is to remove and recharge the battery pack
  • See how the CartMover's ease of use invites worker utilization and helps reduce worker injury
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