Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler

Blade Free Roll Slabbing & Core Recycling

A Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler that Fits your Needs

Appleton Mfg. Division can create a Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler that conforms to your specifications. We've created pneumatic powered machines and machines with custom width for specialized materials. With over 60 years of design, build and support experience, Appleton Mfg. Division can deliver the solutions you need.

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler Features

  • Available in three models: Medium, Heavy and Light Duty
  • Works with various materials: paper, film, foils, plastics, etc
  • Variable unwinding speeds
  • Unit plugs into any grounded 110v electrical outlet
  • Pneumatic powered option available
  • Boasts a small footprint
  • Custom configurations are available
  • Increases value of recycled waste once the core is removed
  • Allows you to reuse old cores

The Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler from Appleton Mfg. Division quickly, safely and automatically removes leftover roll material so cores can be reused and scrap material recycled. Unlike other systems that utilize moving blades to cut away remaining material, or workers slicing away with utility knives, the Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler simply unwinds remaining material onto a coreless shaft, separating perfectly good cores from the roll without risk to workers or the core.

Business and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces your solid waste management and disposal costs
  • Helps you comply with existing and future recycling regulations and legislation
  • Adds value to your business that you can market to your customers -- 89% of consumers say the environment is a factor in their purchasing decisions

The overall design parameters of the Slabber XLA™ for Non-Wovens can be modified to fit a wide variety of installation needs. Changes can be made to the cutting process to accommodate a variety of materials as well as differing capacities.

The Slabber XLA™ for Non-Wovens consists of:

  • Conveyor for loading and moving rolls onto the slabbing arm
  • Laser mounted onto slabbing arm to assist with roll positioning
  • Precision and programmed vertical lifting of roll for each cutting pass
  • Fully guarded and interlocked cutting area
  • Programmable cutting device mounted at top of enclosed cutting area
  • Exit conveyor or elevator for moving waste material to downstream processes
  • Externally mounted operator control panel

Roll Size Technical Specifications for Slabber XLA™ Featured in the Video

  • O.D. = 18" - 64"
  • Length = 10" - 62"
  • Core I.D. = 6.0” - 6.75"
  • Wt = 1000 lbs
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